Saturday, September 29, 2012


Took my camera to work today to keep with a new tradition.  This is what I saw.  Mrs. Bosslady is gonna hate me.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lemon Bay Volleyball

Last night's assignment for the Sun.  Lemon Bay hosting Charlotte high.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

House guests

Two shots of one of a pair of house guests.  Don't know what species they are but they are pretty iridescent.  

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vulcan's Forge

The fires of Vulcan's Forge, a brilliantly blinding sunset on Burnt Store Rd

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Birds of Burnt Store

        According to local history there was a trading post in the mid 19th century; almost at the mouth of the Caloosahatche River that had been on an old Indian trail. It was used by the the Calusa Indians, Hernando De Soto, and eventually by the US Army during the Second Seminole War. The trading post ended up burning down at some point during a late night raid of the fort and general store by a Chief Chekaika (or Billy Bowlegs depending on the account you read) and 160 Seminole warriors. The trail became known, after that incident, as Burnt Store Road.
        The Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Buffer zone state park which is undeveloped land, backs up against this two lane county Rd numbered 765.  This is the way I drive back from Cape Coral most days, just to see what I come across.  

Over the past week these are a few of our feathered friends that I have encountered on my way home from work in the afternoon.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

By way of explanation

              I had an assignment in Orlando and I decided to take a new route through Central Florida to get there.  I am going to go back and shoot it at night someday soon, but on my way back I stopped and shot somethings that I thought were interesting... It was a little overcast so the contrast isn't there but it's more of a chronicle of places been.  This is "Old Florida," Route 17 is one of the oldest north-south two lane highways through Florida and you can tell.
               I have come up with a way to describe the things that I shoot, especially the "on the road" stuff.  This is the best way that I can describe it:

 I highlight the mundane, the taken for granted, and the forgotten.  Sometimes from the point-of-view of an outsider seeing it for the first time; but more often than not, as someone that finds the interesting in something, everyone sees everyday.  I try to focus the viewers attention on a singular moment, creating a nostalgia for the never seen, or a reminder of things long dismissed.  I want to take the ordinary and make it art, I want you to feel the passage of time in a single instant, I want you to remember that you love something that you haven't seen in forever.  Feel the rust, smell the dust, and watch it dance in the molten sun beaming through the boards of an old barn, walk the railroad tracks behind your house, or just the way the green glows off the leaves on a summer evening driving down the interstate.  

This is the Rattlesnake's Art


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