Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Metroplex Challenge

This past weekend was the Metroplex Challenge in Ft Worth.  On Saturday night there was a NCAA division one women's meet, I got to photograph from the floor.  Here are a few of my favorites, the purple is LSU the maroon is OU the red is University of Arizona.  These ladies were on their game, it was the Texas heavy OU team that ended up winning the competition.  

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

USA Football International Bowl Weekend

This past weekend I shot for USA Football at their International Bowl in Arlington.  It was nice to get back out on a football field as a stringer for someone, I haven't been able to shoot any games since moving from Florida, no one around here seems to need a freelancer.  Friday night was cold and windy, the game was a blow out and I shot way to many frames, but I was trying to stay warm so what can you do?  As it happens, I left the lights on in my car, had to wait about 4 hours for roadside assistance to get to me after one failed attempt and two phone calls later, so that I finally made it to sleep at 4 so I could get up at 6:30 and shoot a little 5K race before the afternoon game in the final photo here.

It's always something, I swear.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Houston Marathon

This year for MLK weekend I was in Houston to shoot the Chevron Houston Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. This was my first race of the year, and I got put on the finish line which gave me a long day, but I got to see the participants complete a goal that they had set for themselves and followed through, which is a feat in and of itself.  And of course I got to see this guy dressed as RoboCop.

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