Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lonely Live Oak

This past weekend I was on the road on a Friday evening to get to a hotel room in Mexia Texas for a Tough Mudder race the next morning, so of course I had my camera with me and as I was driving south down FM 2015 just north of Tyler I came across this lone live oak standing sentinel in a field with the sun setting through it's boughs so I had to stop and capture the moment.  As is my new habit I grabbed my 5D my Lomo and my Iphone, and used all three.  The Iphone photo can be seen on my Instagram feed @utsanati and I am waiting to fill up my two rolls of 120 from the Lomo before I have one developed so that should be a fun day when I get those back.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Afternoon in the Backyard

Today I got my camera back from Canon and really couldn't wait to get it fired up and shoot something, anything really, as is evident from what is above.  I went out into the backyard looking for contrast and something of any visual appeal to focus on. 

Here it is.  Nothing major, nothing really great, but I got to use my camera again, and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning on Montgomery St.

This morning I took the wife to work since we are down to one car at the moment, and I need to run an errand today.  I took these on the way back from the high school on Montgomery St, right outside of Gilmer, with just the 5D and my phone this time; I have to change the film in the Lomo.  I had to stop and get this great light especially since I have to send the 5D back to the rental place, mine had to be sent in for repair, and we are stretched too tight right now for me to send in the repair fee, so I don't know when I will be able to take pictures like this again.  I rent so I can do paying work, but my art doesn't pay the bills.  Such is life. 

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Sunset and Rust

I have been living here in Upshur county Texas now for two months.  I have yet to make it to all points on the compass throughout, but I have made it to a few places, and I found a nice one yesterday.  A back road bridge that is obviously frequented by the younger members of the community (hence the stencil) but I got to shoot the sunset on the bridge over the Sabine River.  I took these shots with a Canon 5D Mark II, but I also shot the same ones with my Iphone for Instagram (@utsanati) and a twin reflex Lomo that I bought off e-bay and have loaded with some black and white film (we'll see how those turn out). 

The hubcap with the bullet hole was on a gate right off the bridge that I hadn't noticed until I was pulling out from where I dropped the car.  The old gas pump; that I had to race back to catch, before the sun got too low, is back in town and 20 miles north of the river.

There is a singer/songwriter that I follow named Adam Carroll, his first couple of records are a lot about this part of Texas, so at least I have a soundtrack that fits the rust, the muddy Sabine and the sunset low in the pines of my new home.

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